Three’s a charm

So a mommy of three girls? Most people say “poor Dan” or “Dan, you better get that gun ready,” or “man, I feel bad for you!” But I say, what about the mom here? I never envisioned having three kids much less three of the same-sex. Of course I don’t regret it one bit but I do remember almost 8 years ago now, sitting in a Winnie the Pooh nursery rocking  to sleep our first baby girl, Alyssa! Alyssa is our go-getter, our follow the rules type, the kind of 8-year-old who strives to succeed at everything she does! I recall as I snuggled with her those nights, which were so often, as she was the first, I often let my mind wander to the relationship she and I would have as she grew up. It was that night instead of letting the fear of adolescence take hold of me, I decided to instead turn those thoughts into prayers. I would pray that she and I will have a great mother/daughter relationship. I would even say it out loud to her so she could resonate with it even as baby. I believe that instead of fearing the worse, I was going to look forward to those years!

My second, Alaina! When I found out that we were having baby girl number 2, I reasoned with myself about how easy it was all going to be! After all, not only was I a second time mom but it was another girl! To my surprise, Alaina was not going to be molded into something I thought I somehow perfected in a few years. No way! She is our feisty 3-year-old! She seeks justice and loves to make the rules but somehow those rules never apply to her! She is our toughie but also has the sweetest heart. Alaina is not a big cuddler like Alyssa but she loves to be encouraged in everything she does but not necessarily from me like Alyssa would want, but rather she seeks her approval from her daddy! She was our game changer! Everything we thought we knew went out of the window as we now try to parent a whole new personality!

And now, we have our sweetest little one–our Aliyah! By the way, have you realized all the their names begins with “A” and they each have 6 letters to their name? Yeah our “follow the rule” girl made sure we stuck to this. Aliyah is 4 months old and although yet another girl, she stole our hearts like no other! She’s got the best smile! I gotta say at 4 months she’s still a mystery to what her personality will be, but one thing I do know is–she won’t be the quiet type!

So how do I feel having three girls? I’m looking forward to the mani’s, pedi’s, spa days in the future! I don’t ponder on our relationships being strained rather I urge them to be open and honest with me/us from now. We have a very loud house. It’s often filled with lots of talking–as most girls do, lots of drama–as most girls have, lots of laughter, lots of singing and dancing–as most girls enjoy!

So I guess I will have to side with poor ole Dan! He is definitely outnumbered but…three’s a charm!


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