The Struggle is Real

So three kids, 60 pounds per kid on my ever so tall 5 foot body is hard to get rid of this time around. I’ve been able to lose it with a bit of work the last two times.   But this time, the last 20 is holding on for dear mercy. It’s like we’ve created some unhealthy bond and only one of us is willing to move pass this relationship.
What’s a girl to do when it’s been almost 7 months and I feel like I walk in the room and instead of the cooing baby getting the attention, I see eyes staring at me as they are trying to take the whole picture in? Let’s get real folks…I honestly did just have a baby, I work full time, we are moving so very soon and let’s not forget I do have a husband and two other kids that need me endlessly day in and day out!
Good enough excuses there right?
Well I wish!  But summer is drawing near, we are heading to the sunshine state soon, so I had to make a decision.  In March, I decided I was going to attack the last race I did a couple of years ago that kicked my butt.  It was a 1ok so 6.2 miles, here I come.  I figured it will get my body back in shape while I did something for me–you know how all moms tend to just want a moment for themselves.  This was going to be my moment.
Full force I started hitting the gym working my way back up to running.  But it definitely didn’t come easy. Some nights I was up several times with the baby or the occasional waking of a preschooler, let’s not forget to factor in all the post- partum hormones that new moms have still, and the constant aches and pains and hips going back into place, knee aches from running and shin splints from pushing too hard–but why do I lace up my shoes?
I gotta tell you it has not been quite the “moment” I expected or planned.  I often thought to myself during these last few weeks of training, a snickers bar could’ve been a “moment” too! What was I thinking?
I would love to be able to say as I’m now a few days away from Race day, I’ve loss all my weight and I’m pumped and ready to go.
But the struggle is real folks.
So again why do I lace up? I lace up because when I do cross that finish line, sweaty, tired, and sore–seeing my three little girls look at me with such admiration makes all the aches and pains worth it. To hear my husband say “I knew you could do it, I am so proud of you” makes that beast of a treadmill seem worthwhile over these past 6 weeks.  So do I still plan on lacing up after my big race day?  You betcha!  I still have that unhealthy relationship with that extra 20 pound friend but she and I will break our bond soon enough. Slow and steady will win that race.

And that “moment”?  Well nothing is more fierce than setting a goal and reaching it for yourself.



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