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IMG_5813If you have been checking out my blog you might be wondering when will she address this walking on water, H2owalkerlife bit. Well I am ready to share some pretty amazing things (over time) that has been happening in our family. Most people whether church goers or not have come across the story of Peter walking  on water with Jesus. For those who might not have read or heard this before you can find the story in Matthew 14: 22-23.
Walking on water always equates to the impossibility of a task and the faith it took for Peter to climb out of the boat filled with safety and comfort and being willing to take a step into an element of the unknown.

So where do I start? Dan tells it best…

Who knew that one little YES would lead to answering a 15 year-long prayer?!
In late summer of 2014, my longtime friend, Asif Shaikh, sent me a copy of the Circle Maker, seemingly out of the blue.  We hadn’t really connected in over 10 years so He had no way of knowing at the time that I was in the midst of a real struggle to discern the will of God for my life.  Over the past 15 years the Lord blessed me with a wonderful family, successful career, nice home, and I was even volunteering as a worship leader at our church. But all that time I knew in my heart that there was a bigger dream, a greater calling from the Lord on my life towards full-time ministry…I just couldn’t see how it could ever happen.  Until one night, out of pure frustration, I admitted to Shivaulie how I wished God would just someway, somehow send someone to flat out offer me a job as a full-time worship pastor!  I felt so ridiculous even hearing myself say it.  But she lovingly reminded me of how things in life just don’t work that way…and she encouraged me to actively seek out different places to serve until I could find the right opportunity…great advice I never followed.  I did, however, follow her advice to plan out a 40 day Circle Maker prayer and fasting marathon leading up to my 40th birthday, hoping that by the end of it, I would hear from the Lord.  Well honestly, my 40th birthday came and went…I didn’t get clear direction, but I did receive a fresh revelation of God’s peace and rest, and a renewed confidence to trust Him to do the impossible. On November 5th, 2014, I said YES to a casual lunch invitation from Asif for us to catch up since he was serving at NCC in DC. (Mark Batterson’s church)  Midway into our lunch Asif leans across the table and flat out asks me if I would be willing to serve as his worship pastor for a new church plant in St. Petersburg, Florida!  I was stunned.  The only response I could muster was…umm, I’ll pray about it.  He didn’t know how I was desperately seeking the Lord for the past 15 years for this opportunity, or how I fasted and prayed for 40 days circling this dream in prayer.  I went home that night and told Shivaulie still stunned that God had heard and directly answered my frustrated prayer.  I thought I had given up on that dream, but really, I had just given it completely to the Lord. After receiving wise spiritual counsel from Shivaulie, my dad and a close friend, I unexpectedly found myself on a plane to St. Pete that very weekend to seek and hear from the Lord in the very place I was being called to serve. I knew that saying YES to this calling would be saying NO to what we had accomplished the last 15 years of our life…leaving behind our immediate family and close friends, our home, our careers, our church and community.  But I quickly realized that the past 15 years spent crying out to God, were the same 15 years God was preparing me, maturing me, and nurturing me for the next season in my life…but now it was up to me to say YES.  After a weekend of fasting and prayer in St. Pete, I knew beyond a doubt that this call was from the Lord and I came home saying YES. Since that one little YES to lunch, and then that one big YES to serve in the new church plant, God has shown Himself in miraculous ways.  (Dan Feliciano)

This testimony is still unfolding and as Dan, the kids and I embark on this new adventure where we are walking on water with Jesus, I will continue to share with you our lessons learned, our ups AND downs, and it all began with one little YES…!






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