Blessed to Be A Blessing!


As our family cuddled up to a roaring fire that keeps us warm in the blustery cold temperature we are experiencing this winter, I hear conversations of cleaning out closets and donating items we no longer use and it puts a proud smile on my face to know that Dan and I have passed on the trait of blessing others to our kids.

Throughout our life together we have always lived by this old adage, Blessed to Be A Blessing.  I remember when Alyssa was born, we didn’t have to buy clothes for her for the first two years of her life.  People would constantly give her clothes! It would be so much that I ended up passing on to friends and family members that were expecting and I ended up saving some too incase we had another girl.  It was then we decided to start a tradition of sorts.  Dan and I found that since people blessed our first little one, we would do the same for other parents-to-be.  It had touched our hearts so much we felt we had to extend the blessing.  We later had Alaina, and her blessing didn’t come in clothes, rather diapers! I kid you not.  We didn’t need the clothes because we had from Alyssa, so her blessing came in diapers.  People would buy diapers for her, slip us money to purchase what we needed and it always fell right around the time she needed diapers. Now our third bundle of joy came around and you are probably wondering what could we possibly be blessed with now? Well would you believe if I told you formula?  Yes–Formula!  I don’t go around saying this is what I want or this is what she needs but it just fell into place.  She will be five months soon and honestly we have only bought her one can of formula.  Just this past week she started drinking more milk and the formula goes, oh so quickly, and with each scoop, a little prayer would slip into my heart over this blessing.  Lo and behold, before the last bottle was made someone blessed us with a check to buy her four cans of formula.

I challenge you to look at your life and see where you are being blessed. We are often reminded to count our blessings but let’s dig a little deeper and be that blessing to others.  How are you or your family being blessed?  Is it at work, does someone buy you coffee or lunch out of the blue, does someone encourage you daily or just has showered you with things that you needed to get through this life? Are you willing to show the same grace and favor that was shown to you? For us, we have seen the pattern with our children so we have extended that same blessing that was given to us to others. Our desire as a family is to Be So Blessed that we may in turn Be a Blessing to others!

Proverbs 11:25 (MSG)  The one who blesses others is abundantly blessed; those who help others are helped.


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