No Bake-Granola Bars

I came across this recipe on Pinterest the other day and it’s so easy that a four year old can do it, with a bit of guidance, of course. I’ve tweaked the recipe to add my own ingredients but if you would like the original recipe–click here.





2 cups of oats (I used the original packets since the girls rather eat the flavored ones as breakfast)
1 cup of Nutella
1/2 cup of coconut flakes
1/2 cup of raisins
1/2 cup of chocolate chips
1/2 cup of chia seeds (sneak in anything you want the kids to eat)
1 cup of honey
ice cream scooper


Add all the ingredients to a large mixing bowl.  Mix well together using a spatula making sure all the ingredients are coated evenly.  This will take a few minutes to work everything in. Set aside.
I decided to grease a muffin tin and using an ice cream scooper, I scooped the mixture into the muffin pans.
Place in freezer for one hour.  Enjoy!




My New Gig

img_0632As many of you have probably seen by now I have taken on a new title!  I am very excited and happy to announce that I am the newest contributing columnist to one of the nation’s recognized Latina American parenting and lifestyle sites, Mami of Multiples.  I will be offering advice, tips and resources on family-friendly topics like faith, family and home.  Please head on over and check it out–there are so many helpful resources.

So how did this all happen for me?  Well my story goes back to a couple of years ago when we were still living in VA.  Dan and I were driving to Virginia Beach which is quite a hike for us and trust me when I say, there was always traffic so we would end up talking about everything under the sun. You know those deep convos of sharing where you are in life, your dreams, your desires…well anyway that was what we did to help pass the time on the road.  I clearly remember sharing with him that I felt a bit consumed by the girls.  I didn’t have anything that said “Shivaulie!”  I wanted my own identity. I didn’t just want to be Dan’s wife,  Alyssa and Alaina’s mom at the time, I wanted to reach people and not just in my circle, I wanted to inspire/encourage others.  Now don’t get me wrong, I do love being a wife and a mommy but I knew “Shivaulie” needed her very own outlet too.  He asked me what is one thing that I would love to do but feel like I couldn’t do because it seemed way too big for me? I thought about it and seriously I didn’t even want to say it out loud because I knew he was going to make me accountable for it.  He quietly waited for my answer and I said, ” I would love to write a book one day!” Dan already knew I was going to say that but it’s something else when you hear yourself say it out loud, isn’t it?

We did what we always do, “Commit to the Lord whatever you do and He will establish your plans.” (Proverbs 16:3)  It wasn’t until February of last year that I decided to start blogging.  It didn’t matter to me how many people read it–I was so excited that I was I writing–I had my outlet!  It was an answered prayer. Then the messages came in on how I was that encouragement/inspiration to others through my posts.  Another answered prayer!  Well which brings me back to my recent gig: now a contributing columnist for such a well-known and reputable site, which means I will be reaching all sorts of people from all over the world–not just my circle!  Another answered prayer!

So here’s my question to you:  What is the one thing that you would love to do but feel like you can’t do because it seems too big for you? Say it out loud, hear yourself speak life into it, commit it to the Lord, and work towards it.

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Monday Worship Pulse

Worship is the FRUIT, growing out of the vine of our FAITH in Christ, firmly rooted in the rich soil of God’s WORD (John 15:16)

–Daniel Feliciano #mondayworshippulse


Our Love Story

Dan and I both grew up in the same church but somehow we always seem to miss each other–when he was in the youth group, I wasn’t; when I got to youth group, he was off to college; when he came back, I set out for college!  But little did we know that God had a plan for us.  Skip a few years and our paths finally crossed.

It was the Spring of 1998 and God was working on us, individually.  Dan and a couple of friends went to a church service during the month of April in Pensacola, Florida.  Would you believe that he was praying for his wife?  His prayer was simple–whatever she was going through that the Lord would help her.  He didn’t know at the time that simple prayer, was removing a mountain in my life and preparing my heart to meet him, all while I was away at school in Pennsylvania. This night was our game changer and we didn’t even know it yet!  But God had a plan.

A month later, I came home for the summer and I remember my mom saying to me there was this really great guy that I should meet and how sweet he is and kind and the list went on and on…But how many girls out there really want to hear their mom say, “hey you need to meet this guy because your dad and I really like him?” That was already a non-starter!

A few weeks later, I actually joined the worship team that he lead at our home church and was part of the back up singers. Little did I know this was where the “magic” would take place.  I started to notice how he treated other people, how he encouraged others, I saw his heart that was always ready to give, I saw just how much Jesus meant to him–to me that was the icing on the cake! Even still, I thought–“he was definitely not meant for me”–he was four years older, he already graduated from college and into his career–I was now starting out; he was into working out–let’s just say I simply wasn’t at the time; and for crying out loud, this guy didn’t even listen to hip hop or R&B (that has definitely changed since), so c’mon?

A lot of times we often run from the things we need most in life, don’t we?

Let me say this, Dan and I did meet a few of the “wrong” people before we found each other–It didn’t just happen by the snap of our fingers either.  But I encourage you to stay focused.  Know your worth.  Know what you want in a relationship.  Don’t settle. Trust and pray for that person that will come alongside you to help you not bring you down.  Be proud of who you want to do life with. Think about what will my love story sound like when I tell my kids?

Dan did officially ask me out by the end of that summer and I did actually say yes.  I figured I would stop running from what I already knew in my heart was meant to be. He already was filled with all the characteristics that I always dreamed of to find in a husband and I was already filled with what Dan needed his wife to be. I wish I could share with you all every detail of that evening and every detail of our life together since but we have now been married 16 1/2 years and have 3 beautiful little girls.  As we walk through life together I am so thankful that God had that perfect plan for us.  We definitely love each other more every day that goes by, need each other, support each other, compliment each other’s strengths/weaknesses and most importantly for me–I am still very fascinated by his love for Jesus. 💕

(story written by the wife, I’m sure the husband has a different tale to tell)



Today’s marks h2owalkerlife 1 year anniversary! Time surely does fly by. Thank you all for supporting and encouraging me this past year as I shared my thoughts/ feelings and my family’s ups and downs with you! What a blessing you all have been to me. I pray that in my writings you find encouragement and your spirits are lifted!
Looking forward to another year filled with even more blessings and great things for h2owalkerlife! 💕

Monday Worship Pulse

Worshiping God requires that we be PRESENT –fully engaged body, mind and spirit — to fully experience God’s PRESENCE (Psalm 100:2).
–Daniel Feliciano #mondayworshippulse

Versatile Blogger Award

versatile blogger award

Thank you to SHUT THAT NEGATIVE NOISE OFF for the Versatile Blogger Award–really appreciate your support, encouragement and helping me get my blog more recognition.
My desire is to simply encourage others through my writings as we go through this thing called:  life.
(I will post my nominations directly to the other sites that encourage me and uplift me as well) 

Have a blessed day!




Happy Friday!

For all the mommies out there that may need a giggle for the day!

Have a blessed weekend!



Little Girl Drama, Big Girl Lesson

A few weeks ago I found out Alyssa had an altercation on the playground with a close friend of hers that genuinely hurt her feelings greatly. As we drove home from school that day, I listened to her retell the story to me–expressing her feelings of anger, shock, hurt and disappointment. The mama bear in me wanted to take the situation in my own hands and lay into not only this girl but her mother! But I knew deep down a lesson was going to be taught and learned from this squabble. I just didn’t think I was the student!

Of course I quickly encouraged her and reassured her of who she is and how proud her daddy and I were for how she seemingly handled herself. See in the midst of the situation, Alyssa identified the reason (this girl was just trying to impress her other friends), defended herself, confronted the girl (with the help of a teacher) for an explanation and an apology. Then later tells her mother (that’s me) I may not trust her anymore but I forgive her and to top it off when she sees the girl she treats her as though none of this ever occurred! I’d say for a third grader, that’s pretty amazing! Don’t you agree?

I don’t know about you guys but I know grown adults who can’t go through this process so quickly–I can easily be one of them at times, if I don’t check myself.

I do understand little girl drama is just that–drama! But some big girls don’t necessarily learn from those little girl dramas we tend to go through in childhood.  Sometimes we easily carry them into adulthood.

Lesson learned:
–assess the real issue
–stay true to yourself/your beliefs
forgive and forget
move on (don’t carry someone else’s issue as your own)
–“Bad company corrupts good character” (1Cor. 15:33)

A good reminder even if it’s from an 8 year old–little girl drama! 💕

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