Essential Oils? Does it Work?


Were you surprised like me?¬†I don’t sell essential oils but I am now convinced that it works. We use a sinus blend of peppermint, lavender and eucalyptus oils! This blend helped us with headaches, coughing, relieving any runny noses which all led to a more peaceful nights rest.

What are some oils that you have tried and can say you saw a difference in using them?

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Top 5 Benefits When Traveling Without Kids

FullSizeRender (3)This past weekend I had to make a quick trip to Canada for my grandfather’s funeral. Dan and I decided against all of us going as the times offered¬†weren’t so convenient in traveling with an always on-the-move toddler.¬†But I will be an honest mom and say, there were definite benefits in traveling alone!¬† Now before you go judging me, how many of you have seen those single ladies in the airport just sipping on their Starbucks while flipping through their Fashion Magazine without a care in the world?

Here are my Top 5 reasons for traveling without the kids:

  1. I got to take carry on luggage–no strollers, no car seats, no diaper bags, snacks, activity sheets, crayons, snacks, iPads, snacks!
  2. I sat and read a magazine!¬† Need I say more?¬† I honestly don’t know the last time I’ve done that without being interrupted.
  3. I went to the bathroom, ALONE!¬† No diaper change in the middle of the flight, no stress thinking, “oh I hope she doesn’t poop so I have to try and change her in that tiny bathroom!”
  4. Peace–simply looking out the window
  5. Sleep–is there even an explanation for this one?

This was¬†just a¬†short list to poke fun at some of us moms who don’t get to be that lady sitting¬†in the airport sipping on Starbucks, but when we do get that¬†chance, hey we are going to enjoy our moment, right?¬† But lets be truthful…we still do miss those little stinkers¬†because our thoughts are never too far away from our children.

Loss Is Never Easy

IMG_1724Dear Friends,
I come to you with a saddened heart, with a heavy heart, but yet a¬†comforted heart.¬† Yesterday I found out my mom’s dad, my 90 year old¬†grandpa passed away.¬†No matter how old they are, it’s still a process isn’t it?¬† You still don’t want to admit their age, or the inevitable one day, you fight just as hard for them when they are in the hospital with ever bit of hope that they make it out this time, you cringe every holiday season that passes¬† hoping this isn’t the¬†last they are with us, but then the day comes when all those thoughts become reality and you believed in your mind that “I will be ready when the time¬†comes” yet it hits you.

He was quite a character–he loved the Lord, he¬†was wise, he was a very hard worker, (after all he had¬†7 daughters and one son) he was¬†a fighter and he was a jokester!¬† He had a way about him where he¬†could find humor in just about anything–you couldn’t be around him for five minutes without laughing about something¬†he observed or something he said.

Last night¬†before drifting¬†off to sleep, I thought, “he’s walking on streets paved in gold; he’s with my other grandparents; is he teasing Jesus about something or the other; I’m pretty sure he is teasing my grandma (his wife) and I bet he’s eating all sorts of desserts and showing her how he can finally eat it all without her worrying!”
But while my heart is sad and while I feel the grief for my mom,¬†aunts and uncle I am comforted in knowing that he is in a better¬†place, he is no longer in pain, he is no longer suffering, he is happy and healthy and completely whole–he is with the King of Kings!
I leave you with grandpa’s favorite verse which is found in John 14:1-2, “Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.”

Monday Worship Pulse

We draw closer to God through PRAYER, God draws closer to us through PRAISE. (Ref: Psalm 22:3) #mondayworshippulse #h2owalkerlife

Pray For Your Spouse


A couple weeks back I¬†shared with you all about the importance of praying for our children.¬†But have you considered the same importance over your spouse?¬† Do you really pray for¬†them or do you pray about them?¬† Just like with your children, you know¬†them best!¬† You hear about¬†their day, you hear about¬†their dreams,¬†their wishes,¬†their struggles,¬†their goals–YOU are more than equipped to go to battle on¬†their behalf.
Sure you may pray that¬†he/she has a good day and that¬†their meetings go well or¬†they are¬†protected to and from work–all good prayers but your¬†spouse needs those Big and Bold prayers too.¬† Today I challenge you to pray for your¬†spouse (after all you more than likely prayed for¬†them to come into your life) not to change¬†them to what you want but what they are created to do and¬†fulfill in this life.

Pray Big and Bold prayers for your Spouse.

I added a few scriptures verses¬†that¬†I believe are helpful in getting started. Look them up and even if you don’t have words to express in prayer, just read¬†these passages¬†over your spouse.

For Protection–Psalm 91-This entire Psalm is amazing to speak over your spouse. It asks the Lord for His protection and deliverance
Prosperity–Jeremiah 29:11 -A great verse to speak life into¬†their future, to remember there is hope
Purpose–Romans 8:28- God works all things out for our good for those who are called according to¬†His purpose
Joy–Nehemiah 8:10¬†-the Joy of the Lord is our strength.¬† Pray that simple prayer over your spouse.¬† So many things happen in a day that can weigh them down, pray that they will be filled with joy
Direction–Proverbs 3:5-6-Our life verse–this verse is our favorite verse! It gives us peace that the Lord is leading and guiding our steps
Love–1 Corinthians 13:4-8–Often called the love chapter of the bible.¬† Read it and¬†profess it over your relationship, marriage and your spouse.

I can not wait to hear how circumstances will change in your home/life.  Please send me a message of how this commitment to pray for your spouse  has helped he/she and in turn you.  Blessings everyone!

Need someone to pray and believe with you?
 Feel free to leave a comment
send me an email: 

Take a Closer Look

Let me say right off the bat–I did NOT want to write about this,¬†much less,¬†add the photo you see.¬† Uggh!¬† But I do try to keep things real on here so here we go.
Last year in April, I shared  with you all about my struggle in losing the baby weight.  I have a love for running and since we were moving from Virginia, I had signed back up to run a 10k (6.2 miles) that had kicked my butt the year before.(The Struggle is Real)
So the other day, a good friend of mine emailed me asking about that race and saying she saw a picture of me as I was running.¬†I read on as my friend writes, “Oh the picture is part of a calendar and it’s all over Fairfax County offices and Rec Centers!” Umm..lets just say it’s not my most flattering picture and definitely one that I didn’t want¬†circulating.

When I first glanced at this picture all I could see was the baby weight I still needed to lose, my form falling apart,¬†the runner ahead of me smiling from ear to ear,(I really don’t know what she’s smiling at, we still had like 2 more miles to go) me holding in my breath or maybe me struggling to catch my breath BUT take a closer¬†looka picture is worth a thousand words, isn’t it?
See when I look at myself in this photograph, not just the outward appearance I tend to cringe at, I see on my face:¬† Determination, Focus, Endurance, Purpose driven.¬† I would have much, much¬†rather the moment captured with me in all smiles and two thumbs up as I gracefully jogged by the photographer. But that wasn’t my race.
So why did I choose to post a picture that I find unflattering?¬† Well it’s proof!
It’s proof to¬†me and anyone¬†reading, while I wasn’t looking¬†my best in that particular moment–¬†that moment is still defined in a way to push me to my next level.¬†¬†This moment that I once cringed¬†is a moment I can now be proud of.

What moment in your life have you cringed?
Have you come across your old photos, old videos or even memories¬†where you think, uggh!¬† Take a closer look, remind yourself what you were fighting for, remind yourself of that goal, remind yourself of your focus–let that image propel you to your next level!




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