Road Trippin…DC to Florida

Our family has been making our way back from DMV (DC, MD, VA) to Saint Petersburg, Florida. But we decided to hit up some hot spots as we travel back home. Not only does it break up the trip but we are having fun being adventurous with our girls! 
Our first stop was Virginia Beach–not too far from our hometown but Dan and I had to show them the beach we visited so many times over the years. I don’t think they were too impressed–for one, the water was cold compared to the warm waters in the Gulf that they have become accustomed to, ehem, spoiled!       However, we created a new memory at Virginia Beach with our 4 year old as she is now “floatie” free–she learned how to swim! So proud of this accomplishment–she set a goal and reached it before the summer ended.

Our next stop–Myrtle Beach, SC! When Dan was younger he and his family visited Myrtle Beach many times so as a family it was fitting to make it part of our adventure. I’ve actually never visited this place either so we were excited! Myrtle Beach is super family-friendly. The boardwalk hosted several restaurants, carnival rides, games, the Skywheel (Ferris wheel) and much more! The newest addition is Broadway beach. Broadway Beach is filled with well known restaurants, live entertainment, upscale stores, kid-friendly water activities and a family-friendly nightlife. It’s the place to be after a day at the beach!  

Myrtle Beach was a lot of fun and on we go to our next adventure!                                           


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