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Shining For Him

Fourth grade is no joke! This can be a time where most boys and girls are coming into their own personality, making their own choices on who they call friend, being tested academically, emotionally and spiritually day in and day out! 

This season has even tested me as a mom in building a relationship with my 10 year old daughter! Do I just want to tell her how to handle a situation or do I listen to the 4th grade drama and equip her for the very similar  types of drama that unfortunately show up later on in life too? Ofcourse, my natural mama bear surfaces and I want to protect her heart and tell her exactly what to do and how to do it! But will that help her in the future when I’m not around? 

After listening to countless stories this school year, my advice always seemed to come back to one statement, “Alyssa let your light shine and keep being who you are in Christ.” 

 At school Alyssa was presented with student of the month and she received the “Peace Keeper” award. They describe a peace keeper to not only be someone who is helpful to their teachers and friends; or one that chooses to keep peace and above the drama; but one who also lets their light shine in all circumstances

Our sweet girl chose to keep peace and kept being who she is! A lesson that I know personally is never easy to do at any age! 

Are you choosing to let your light shine today? Are you keeping peace in whatever situation you may be facing?  “Peacemakers who sow in peace reap a harvest of righteousness.” James 3:18

An Interactive BB-8…Meet and Greet!

Announcing the newest character to the StarWars line-up–an interactive BB-8! He moves, answers your questions, laughs in his own BB-8 way, and you can even give him a hug! A definite must-see as he makes his debut starting this weekend at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. 

My family and I had so much fun  promoting this adorable character and it is definitely one of our favorite experiences! (You can view our video here)

Don’t forget to checkout the other Star Wars characters as well, Chewy and Kylo-Ren! I gotta admit Kylo Ren was pretty intense! Yikes!

Original post can be found on the official Disneyparksblog site. 

It Is Finished…(Happy Good Friday)

The cross — Jesus laying down His life for us all simply because He loves us so much! 

Because of that love– there is also healing! “By His wounds we are healed.” (Isaiah 53:5)

Whatever you may need healing from, big or small…it is  finished! 

Happy Good Friday–Sunday is coming!

Alaina’s Tale

In the morning the girls and I are often rushing to get out the door in time to head to school. But the rule still stands that they have to fix their beds after getting up. Ofcourse, our oldest has always taken it seriously and is meticulous about her sheets and making sure the comforter is evenly spread. 

Then there is Alaina…

Alaina will quickly escape the fact that she needs to fix her bed. In my haste, she would get away with it but daddy would remind her, “Alaina, you need to fix your bed in the morning.” A couple of weeks ago I noticed that as I’m tucking her into bed she doesn’t get under the covers. Now I’m totally one who loves to be snuggled under a big blanket or a super soft comforter whether it’s winter or summer–it’s how I drift off to dreamland.  

Me: Alaina it’s time for bed, under your covers.

Alaina: no mommy I don’t like covers.

Me: hmm don’t you get cold? 

Alaina: a little but I will wear tights under my nightgown.

Me: (alittle confused) ok then–I don’t want you to be uncomfortable though.

Alaina: I’m not mommy but now I don’t have to fix my bed!

Me: oh yeah, why is that?

Alaina:  See… (pointing to her already made bed as she lies on top of the covers) its already fixed when I wake up! 

What more could I say? She remedied her problem! 

Monday Worship Pulse

The intensity of our worship is directly proportional to how grateful we are for God’s goodness in our life.                      (Daniel Feliciano)

“The LORD is good to all; he has compassion on all he has made” (Psalm 145:9). 

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