Father’s Day Gift Idea

Looking for that perfect gift šŸŽ for the “dad” in your life? 

šŸ’”I’ve got the perfect idea that will bring a Health Body šŸ’ŖšŸ½ Healthy Mind šŸ˜Š Healthy Finances šŸ’µ

Show him how much you ā¤ļø him by giving him his health back! 

Leave me a comment for more details!

“I Will Be With You”

Whatever you may be going through today, the Lord promises to never leave you nor forsake you! He is closer than your own brothe/sister, just trust in Him and He will direct your very path! Be encouraged today as you head into a new week! 

Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day!!! A special blessing and prayer for continued strength, peace and joy! šŸ’•

She is clothed with strength and dignity!” Proverbs 31: 25

Shining For Him

Fourth grade is no joke! This can be a time where most boys and girls are coming into their own personality, making their own choices on who they call friend, being tested academically, emotionally and spiritually day in and day out! 

This season has even tested me as a mom in building a relationship with my 10 year old daughter! Do I just want to tell her how to handle a situation or do I listen to the 4th grade drama and equip her for the very similar  types of drama that unfortunately show up later on in life too? Ofcourse, my natural mama bear surfaces and I want to protect her heart and tell her exactly what to do and how to do it! But will that help her in the future when I’m not around? 

After listening to countless stories this school year, my advice always seemed to come back to one statement, “Alyssa let your light shine and keep being who you are in Christ.” 

 At school Alyssa was presented with student of the month and she received the “Peace Keeper” award. They describe a peace keeper to not only be someone who is helpful to their teachers and friends; or one that chooses to keep peace and above the drama; but one who also lets their light shine in all circumstances

Our sweet girl chose to keep peace and kept being who she is! A lesson that I know personally is never easy to do at any age! 

Are you choosing to let your light shine today? Are you keeping peace in whatever situation you may be facing?  “Peacemakers who sow in peace reap a harvest of righteousness.” James 3:18

It Is Finished…(Happy Good Friday)

The cross — Jesus laying down His life for us all simply because He loves us so much! 

Because of that love– there is also healing! “By His wounds we are healed.” (Isaiah 53:5)

Whatever you may need healing from, big or small…it is  finished! 

Happy Good Friday–Sunday is coming!

Monday Worship Pulse

The intensity of our worship is directly proportional to how grateful we are for God’s goodness in our life.                      (Daniel Feliciano)

“The LORD is good to all; he has compassion on all he has made” (Psalm 145:9). 

Pray For Your Spouse


A couple weeks back IĀ shared with you all about the importance of praying for our children.Ā But have you considered the same importance over your spouse?Ā  Do you really pray forĀ them or do you pray about them?Ā  Just like with your children, you knowĀ them best!Ā  You hear aboutĀ their day, you hear aboutĀ their dreams,Ā their wishes,Ā their struggles,Ā their goals–YOU are more than equipped to go to battle onĀ their behalf.
Sure you may pray thatĀ he/she has a good day and thatĀ their meetings go well orĀ they areĀ protected to and from work–all good prayers but yourĀ spouse needs those Big and Bold prayers too.Ā  Today I challenge you to pray for yourĀ spouse (after all you more than likely prayed forĀ them to come into your life) not to changeĀ them to what you want but what they are created to do andĀ fulfill in this life.

Pray Big and Bold prayers for your Spouse.

I added a few scriptures versesĀ thatĀ I believe are helpful in getting started. Look them up and even if you don’t have words to express in prayer, just readĀ these passagesĀ over your spouse.

For Protection–Psalm 91-This entire Psalm is amazing to speak over your spouse. It asks the Lord for His protection and deliverance
Prosperity–Jeremiah 29:11 -A great verse to speak life intoĀ their future, to remember there is hope
Purpose–Romans 8:28- God works all things out for our good for those who are called according toĀ His purpose
Joy–Nehemiah 8:10Ā -the Joy of the Lord is our strength.Ā  Pray that simple prayer over your spouse.Ā  So many things happen in a day that can weigh them down, pray that they will be filled with joy
Direction–Proverbs 3:5-6-Our life verse–this verse is our favorite verse! It gives us peace that the Lord is leading and guiding our steps
Love–1 Corinthians 13:4-8–Often called the love chapter of the bible.Ā  Read it andĀ profess it over your relationship, marriage and your spouse.

I can not wait to hear how circumstances will change in your home/life.Ā  Please send me a message of how this commitment to pray for your spouseĀ Ā has helpedĀ he/she and in turn you.Ā  Blessings everyone!

Need someone to pray and believe with you?
Ā Feel free to leave a comment
send me an email:

Happy International Women’s Day!

To ALL women out there–a true example of a strongvirtuous, hardworking, blessed woman can be found in Proverbs 31! Be encouraged in ALL you do on a daily basis! Let the joy of the Lord be your continued strength. šŸ’•  


Today’s marks h2owalkerlifeĀ 1 year anniversary! Time surely does fly by.Ā Thank you all for supporting and encouraging me this past year as I shared my thoughts/ feelings and my family’s ups and downs with you! What a blessing you all have been to me. I pray that in my writings you find encouragement and your spirits are lifted!
Looking forward to another year filled with even more blessings and great things for h2owalkerlife! šŸ’•

Here’s to 2016

December 31st and as we all look back through the days and months of all we did and didn’t accomplish this year–I’m personally challenged to focus on all the “good” I was blessed with in 2015. It’s far too easy to focus on all the “I should haves,” “I could haves,” or the “I wish I had”! For a few moments I extend a challenge to you to stop focusing on all those statements but rather think on all the blessings that did happen throughout 2015! You might find that there were more “good” in 2015 than you even realize.                                   

  Here’s to a 2016 filled with love, joy, peace and prosperity! 

Love and God bless! šŸ’•

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