I Declare…

ONE touch from The LORD can CHANGE everything… 
Don’t give up!

Don’t give up on your dreams…

BELIEVE and DECLARE with me that you are not just going to survive life anymore, but you are going to THRIVE! 


This is so true for Daniel and I, especially as we approach our 2 year mark of stepping out of the boat–our comfort zone! God has seen us through SO much in the past 2 years and we stand so much stronger in Him! We both can attest to “He never leaves you and never forsakes you.” There is always a Bigger Plan–trust Him!

Speak Life…

Don’t be trapped by what comes out of your mouth! Choose to speak “Life” “Goodness” over yourself! #loveyourself❤️

It Is Finished…(Happy Good Friday)

The cross — Jesus laying down His life for us all simply because He loves us so much! 

Because of that love– there is also healing! “By His wounds we are healed.” (Isaiah 53:5)

Whatever you may need healing from, big or small…it is  finished! 

Happy Good Friday–Sunday is coming!

Perfect Love…

I have been worried sick lately about so many things that I have no control over! Everyday little by little it stole my peace and joy. But when I refocused on His perfect love for me, I realized I don’t have to worry/fear because He will come through in His perfect time. (And He does everytime)

My lesson this week: I need to learn to accept the reality of His love for me, so that my worries/fears do not control me.  Don’t let  anything separate you from God’s love, you will have the victory!                            

Love to you all!❤️

Simply Worship…

Even life’s greatest complexities can be undone, when we simply choose to worship God right where we are!#mondayworshippulse 

For more quotes see @felicianod2074 on IG

I See…(Alyssa Feliciano)

Alyssa, my 9 year old daughter, is so fascinated with my blogs. She loves reading them and gives me her insights on what she likes/dislikes, thinks is funny or most times can come up with  helpful ideas that I can possibly use as a topic for a future blog post.

A couple days ago, Alyssa approaches me while I’m busily preparing dinner, going over sight words with our kindergartener while offering a few snack options to the two year old to tie her over til dinnertime! I hear Alyssa’s voice excitedly say, “mommy I just wrote a poem!” 

The last thing I needed was to stop to read a poem in the midst of a busy evening. But as parents, do your littles ones give you insight on a new talent, passion, gifting that they may be playing around with? Are you taking time to foster it? Do you encourage it, or push it aside?

Here’s to me embracing a creative side in Alyssa and encouraging a new way of her expressing her thoughts as she discovers a new style of writing! (Plus she will be pretty excited to see I’ve used one of her writings this time) 💕

Mommy, Mommy, Mamaaaa…

Do you remember when your little tiny baby would melt your heart with those huge smiles as you cuddled up to their chubby little faces and looked into their big bright eyes, saying to them, “maaaamaaa!”   You can say it, “maaamaaa!”  Well today happens to be one of those days where I wish I could change my name to maybe dada–they never really seem to scream out that one too often.  All I hear today is shrieks of “mommy, mommy” and a tiny voice from the one year old, “mama!”  All needing me right now! There immediate need is more important than  the other and I finally answer the one year old to hear her say with the biggest grin on her face, “hi mama!”
Tired and exhausted I think back to those days when as moms we just can’t wait for them to sit up, we can’t wait for them to crawl, we can’t wait for them to walk, we can’t wait for them to speak, we can’t wait for them to potty, we JUST can’t wait for them to get to the next level.
But as I take a break to blog/reflect and ignore the hundreds of requests that are coming out of their mouths even as I try to write this–I know I will miss these days when they get older.  I know that time doesn’t slow down. I know that every day that goes by is one more day closer to where they are learning how to be more independent, I know that each moment I pour into them helps them become more of who they will be, I know that every question I answer is another opportunity for me to teach or instill a lesson, and I KNOW one day may come when I might miss hearing them yell, “mommy, mommy, mamaaaa!”



I Now Come With Experience…

Ok so I haven’t been consistently blogging like my usual self these past few weeks.  The girls are out of school and to my surprise that really turned my schedule upside down.  I love having the freedom of not chauffeuring them back and forth and I do love the spontaneity of summer where we can stay up a bit later, sleep in a little longer, and I enjoy that we are still scoping out new places in Florida we haven’t been to before.

BUT in the midst of all this–looks like my baby wants to grow up way faster than I’m ready (cough) prepared for.  She is doing a number on me these past few weeks.  We have a 21 month old who thinks she is as old as our 9 year old.  She oooh’s and ahh’s at the other one year olds and calls them, “baby!”  She refuses to sit in her high chair and made herself comfortable at the dining table now. I can no longer  feed her any of her food and I dare not forget to leave a spoon because even finger foods she will try to maneuver with a utensil. She is officially the Manners Police at our house. She will repeat “thank you” several times until you say “you are welcome.”  Hugs and kisses are currently a thing of the past as she quickly says to her mama, “eeew goooo” (eew gross) when I sneak some kisses and snuggles in. Of course she is a chatter box (a complete unanswered prayer as I secretly prayed just one of them would be a little on the quieter side). She totally thinks we get what she is saying as she makes her requests of what she wants.  “Nooo and taaappp ” (stop) are her new favorite words.  She completely believes by shooting me a smile will make all well and I will not discipline her.

So what does all this sum up to for me:  I’ve got an almost 2 year old on my hands!

But what Aliyah doesn’t realize is I now come with experience!  She may think in her little mind that she has gotten me beat as she sees my frustration, tired eyes, my hair frazzled from running around the room to try and get her into the car and putting on her shoes for probably the 5th time around only to have to put it right back on as we arrive at our destination. Nope not this time…this isn’t my first rodeo, Aliyah!

So how will I turn this stage around? Be thankful!  Thankful that I have an independent little girl who knows what she wants, thankful that I have experience, thankful, really, really thankful that this won’t last forever, thankful that I get to teach her what’s right and what’s wrong, thankful that she is expressive, thankful that she is persistent, thankful that she is opinionated, thankful that she shows leadership…simply thankful for a happy, healthy, normal, baby little girl!


Adjust Your Crown

We all set out for that “perfect” life don’t we?  I remember holding our baby girls for the very first time–Dan and I envisioning their whole future as we gazed into their bright eyes as we held their tiny little hands.

But sometimes life may trip us up or knock us down flat on our face. We may not have planned for the way things worked out in our lives but we don’t have to stay there either, do we? It’s our choice to either let circumstances define who we really are and whose we really.


Alaina (2 yrs)


I encourage you to get up off that floor, shake off the dust, put that smile back on your face, get the vision back in focus–

Adjust that crown becauseYou are the Child of the Most High Godand nothing that this life throws at you, He can not fix for you! 💕

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