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Pesky Mosquitoes

Summer is practically here! Summer cookouts, picnics, beach and pool days, going for walks, taking the kids to the playground and the list goes on!  But one thing that can put a halt to all that fun are those itchy, pesky bugs that attach themselves to you and before you can even think to swat at them, more than likely they have already started to feed on your blood!  Yes, I’m talking about the dreaded “mosquito!”
My girls and I were headed out for a walk a few days ago as our plan was to get in some exercise while spending some time together and our local news station approached us randomly to interview us on nonetheless: Mosquitoes in our area! That definitely inspired this post and you can find the news clip below.

They come out of nowhere–the bites itch at night and they keep popping up here and there and everywhere! So what are some ways to make prevent these bug bites?

Here are a few tips I found that works and some that I will be trying throughout the summer:

  • Bug Repellant Spray: Spray liberally before heading outdoors!
  • DynaTrap: this has been a life saver for us! This device emits UV light to lure the mosquitoes in.  After a week or so, check and empty the device.
  • Grow your own mosquito repelling plants (citronella, catnip, basil, peppermint)
    You can crush these leaves and rub the oils on your skin–the natural oils they emit will keep these bugs at bay!
  • Get rid of any standing water in the outdoor areas. (make sure gutters are not clogged so that the water can drain freely from the top of your house) Mosquitos thrive and reproduce in warm, humid and dark areas.
  • Refrain from wearing heavy perfume/cologne or scented body lotions–the sweet smell attracts mosquitos.

How to STOP the itch?

  • Apply apple cider vinegar to bug bites to help stop the itching.
  • Vicks Vapor rub is said to ease the itching. (definitely helps)
  • Honey to soothe the area.
  • Banana peel–rub the inside on the bite for a few minutes.
  • Peppermint oil–a dab on the bite and it relieves the itchiness (TRUTH)
  • Rubbing Alcohol–the cooling effect of the alcohol immediately soothes the bite, reduces the size and swelling. (works for me)

What are some of your methods that works for you and your family to help with these pesky bugs?


Road Trippin… (Miami to Key West) 

What a day we had! Last night, we spent the night in Miami (our half way point) and we started out our day today looking forward to blue skies and turquoise waters! 

Our first stop was at Robbie’s in Islamodora Key, where we could feed the Tarpon fish. This little stop had everything from souvenir shopping, restaurants, ice cream shops and a place to just kick back and relax. 

After feeding the tarpons and dodging some massive pelicans who are on the prowl for the fish just as well, we grabbed some ice cream and my all-time favorite snow cones topped with sweetened condensed milk–Yum!

Back to the car after our super fun stop…

We made it! Dan and I first came to Key West 16 years ago on our 1 year anniversary and we have been back a few times with the kids as well but this time as they are older we are ready to do what we love doing as a family: explore! 

We had to go see the southern most point and grab a coconut ofcourse! 

           (This was Alaina’s favorite)

Next stop Mallory Square to watch the sunset! Everyday in Key West there is a sunset celebration where there are entertainers, live music and different souvenir stands as everyone countdowns the moments to the sunset. 

                         (Mile Marker O)

This guy was entertaining when Dan and I first went 16 years ago!!!

       I could NOT do this sunset justice!

Then THIS happened!!! There was no waking her so we ate dinner at one of our more memorable restaurants we ate 16 years ago! Yes folks we had a moment while the other two colored and this one slept–the food never tasted more glorious! 

A fun day/night doing all family-friendly activities even in the Keys

                     See you next time! 

Road Trippin…DC to FL (Part 2)

Last post I mentioned that my family and I were making our way back to Florida after visiting our hometown in the DC area but we decided to hit up some hot spots on the way. It has been quite the adventure with our three girls and such fond memories were created at each stop! After Myrtle Beach, we headed to Jacksonville Beach. There we spent the night, caught a late night swim in the hotel’s pool and the next day we were ready to explore. This area was for complete relaxation. If you want to be away from the hustle and bustle–Neptune Beach is the place to be! Very calm, serene, and well honestly not a lot of activities for the kids.  So off we went to our next stop: Saint Augustine! This was a favorite of ours and it was a quick 45 minute drive from Jacksonville.  The history alone is worth a trip to this city. From the historic buildings, to the famous fort–Castillo de San Marcos to the Fountain of Youth! The girls favorite part was interacting with a peacock on the grounds at the Fountain of Youth and being able to come home with one of its feathers!

Next we headed to Daytona Beach. The girls were so excited to experience driving on the beach (can’t lie–so was I) and checking out the water. The waves were pretty high and the water  felt amazing on a very hot summer day. The red sand that went on and on for what seemed never ending was soft and cool to the touch.  Driving on the beach was a first for us–windows down, radio on, feet on the dash, being so close to the water, waves, and a slight breeze in the air–complete relaxation!

West Palm Beach was a bit of a trek but since we had never been before we decided it was worth the drive. Even with its stately homes and private beaches, this was actually our least favorite city we visited. It didn’t offer kid-friendly activities and honestly it didn’t live up to its reputation.

Our trip wouldn’t be a trip if we didn’t hit up, Orlando. Ofcourse we’ve visited Orlando many times before but this time we were intentional about doing new activities we have never done before. So we checked out Wonderworks–a fun indoor museum filled with hurricanes, earthquake, antigravity simulators and much more! Definitely an array of activities for All ages and the ropes course is a Must! We also hitched a ride on the Coco-Cola Orlando Eye–a 400 Ft Ferris Wheel that offers a 360-degree view of Central Florida. We were upgraded to the VIP capsule which included a cooler of Coke products and a selfie stick! (We totally took advantage of that selfie stick–haha)

But all good things come to an end and as we drove our final home stretch,strangely enough, we looked forward to our home! We each have our favorite moments– favorites places, favorite foods we ate, favorite beach, favorite hotels we stayed-but our Alltime favorite was being together and experiencing this adventure–as a Family!

(Jacksonville Beach)

(St. Augustine)


(Daytona Beach)


(West Palm Beach)


Orlando (WonderWorks)

Coco-Cola Orlando Eye


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