In His Time

“He makes all things beautiful in its time.” (Ecclesiastes 3:11)



I needed this today! These past few weeks have been one thing or another. From one sick kid to the next, schedule adjustments, lack of sleep, being pulled in very direction possible, getting up and doing it all over again–I’m exhausted! 

Can anyone relate? 

I need rest! It’s assuring to me in this moment while I even share this with you all–there’s a way to find that rest that I do seek! ❤️

One day at a Time

I don’t know about you BUT choosing to walk through one day at a time is enough for me! I have enough in ONE day to keep me busy–when tomorrow comes with its challenges or not–Lord give me strength for that day! 💞


So up bright and early this morning!!!

Last night, Dan and I organized “us.” I set everything out: made the girls lunches, they set out their uniforms, I knew exactly what I had to wear, book bags perfectly placed, Dan and I already planned for who was dropping off which girl, got our calendar up and organized for the month–I even had time to sit and just be! I was ready for today!!!

Then–the littlest decided to wake up and come in to our room this morning. Boom a change in the set schedule! Here we go–15 minutes before the alarm clock goes off— my feet hit the ground and it’s time to choose  how my day was going to play out. From the tears of crying about her socks, to brushing her teeth–I have to say outloud in my head today, “I will rejoice in this day!”  

It may not be exactly what we planned and our schedules definitely get out of whack sometimes but choose to rejoice! Let’s be honest guys, this morning could have definitely gone a very different way of me panicking, yelling, rushing down the road but by simply choosing to rejoice in this day and choosing peace, I even found time to write this blog to encourage others. Make it a great day friends–Rejoice!

Just Pray…

Doesn’t matter what this life throws at you just remember Who is on your side. 

“The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective.” James 5:16

Preschooler Learning in the Kitchen

Our almost 3 year old was up earlier than her two older sisters this morning…so she and I decided to make breakfast together. A little one-on-one time with just mommy  and some added fun with learning, that mommy totally snuck in! 

Who says making pancakes can’t get a preschooler’s mind going?! 

She got introduced to measurements, a review in shapes/colors and there’s lots of fine motor being used! 

What are some fun ways you are keeping your preschooler’s mind busy this summer?

Making Memories


This can be one scary sentiment, can’t it? Sometimes we just get way too busy and forget that our every action, words, good or bad deeds are being noticed by these innocent little cuties we have strolling along side us each day.
As I was driving the girls to school today, our eight year old drops the bomb about Santa!  “Mommy” she says, “a boy at school told me that his mommy and daddy buy all the gifts for Christmas.”  My know-it-all four year old perks up immediately and says, “well, I don’t care what he says, I believe in Santa and he’s real!” I teased saying, did he not watch Elf, the movie?  But I carefully proceeded to ask Alyssa, “well what do you believe?” Alyssa is a bit of an over analyzer, like I am, so I wasn’t sure where she would go with this but she says, “I told him, I’m still going to believe.”
It hit me as I pulled into the school parking lot that this may be the last year she believes in Santa and as I looked at her as she climbed out of the car it settled in my spirit–she’s growing up oh so quickly.  I definitely can’t prevent that, and I most certainly wouldn’t want to.  But what are the memories that my girls will tell their children one day?  It’s so difficult at times listening to the endless stories that never quite reach a point or the thousands of random questions from a four year old at 7:30 in the morning, and  my all time favorite–all three of them screaming in the car at the same time trying to get a response from me because it’s the most important thing for them at that time.  Putting all that aside, will I miss that one day? We all want our kids to have fond memories of us, especially ones that they can pass on to their families too.  We all want them to be happy, and healthy.  So while we are so busy working our butts off to provide for them, feed them, clothe them…don’t take for granted spending time with them!  Those special moments will last a lifetime and who better to instill that in them than the one who loves them the most–a mommy!

Three’s a charm

So a mommy of three girls? Most people say “poor Dan” or “Dan, you better get that gun ready,” or “man, I feel bad for you!” But I say, what about the mom here? I never envisioned having three kids much less three of the same-sex. Of course I don’t regret it one bit but I do remember almost 8 years ago now, sitting in a Winnie the Pooh nursery rocking  to sleep our first baby girl, Alyssa! Alyssa is our go-getter, our follow the rules type, the kind of 8-year-old who strives to succeed at everything she does! I recall as I snuggled with her those nights, which were so often, as she was the first, I often let my mind wander to the relationship she and I would have as she grew up. It was that night instead of letting the fear of adolescence take hold of me, I decided to instead turn those thoughts into prayers. I would pray that she and I will have a great mother/daughter relationship. I would even say it out loud to her so she could resonate with it even as baby. I believe that instead of fearing the worse, I was going to look forward to those years!

My second, Alaina! When I found out that we were having baby girl number 2, I reasoned with myself about how easy it was all going to be! After all, not only was I a second time mom but it was another girl! To my surprise, Alaina was not going to be molded into something I thought I somehow perfected in a few years. No way! She is our feisty 3-year-old! She seeks justice and loves to make the rules but somehow those rules never apply to her! She is our toughie but also has the sweetest heart. Alaina is not a big cuddler like Alyssa but she loves to be encouraged in everything she does but not necessarily from me like Alyssa would want, but rather she seeks her approval from her daddy! She was our game changer! Everything we thought we knew went out of the window as we now try to parent a whole new personality!

And now, we have our sweetest little one–our Aliyah! By the way, have you realized all the their names begins with “A” and they each have 6 letters to their name? Yeah our “follow the rule” girl made sure we stuck to this. Aliyah is 4 months old and although yet another girl, she stole our hearts like no other! She’s got the best smile! I gotta say at 4 months she’s still a mystery to what her personality will be, but one thing I do know is–she won’t be the quiet type!

So how do I feel having three girls? I’m looking forward to the mani’s, pedi’s, spa days in the future! I don’t ponder on our relationships being strained rather I urge them to be open and honest with me/us from now. We have a very loud house. It’s often filled with lots of talking–as most girls do, lots of drama–as most girls have, lots of laughter, lots of singing and dancing–as most girls enjoy!

So I guess I will have to side with poor ole Dan! He is definitely outnumbered but…three’s a charm!

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