Preschooler Learning in the Kitchen

Our almost 3 year old was up earlier than her two older sisters this morning…so she and I decided to make breakfast together. A little one-on-one time with just mommy  and some added fun with learning, that mommy totally snuck in! 

Who says making pancakes can’t get a preschooler’s mind going?! 

She got introduced to measurements, a review in shapes/colors and there’s lots of fine motor being used! 

What are some fun ways you are keeping your preschooler’s mind busy this summer?


They Say It Takes A Village

The last six weeks have been a whirlwind in our home. Aliyah, our youngest, turns two in a few days and she will start preschool shortly after her birthday. But until then we had to figure out what to do with her during the day as I had already started a new job back in August. 

Fortunately, our family volunteered to take different shifts to come down to Florida from Virginia to help Dan, the girls and I get through the weeks until Miss Aliyah would turned 2! 

My dad was brave and made the first trip! Grandpa came at a time of where we were now adjusting to mommy going back to work, the older girls back to school and Aliyah missing all of us! What a blessing to have grandpa home, praying us through our adjustment stage and helping us with not only fixing dinners but to fixing odd jobs around the house as well. 

We had two days to turn around our home and welcomed the next set of helpers and those were Dan’s parents. They stayed three weeks and the time flew by way too quickly. Grandpapi and Grandmami helped the girls adjust back to their routines with ease. Aliyah was busy going on walks with them and it seemed like overnight she started to communicate even better. She was turning into a toddler right before my eyes–even though I tried my best to hold on to just one more “baby” stage.With Grandmami and Grandpapi she was ready to conquer the world–starting with the potty! 

Our last set of helpers were my mom and my Aunty Shirley! Staying two weeks with us went by just as fast as they busily prepared every meal, cleaned and took care of Aliyah with such ease. By now Aliyah adjusted to mommy and daddy’s work schedule, to her sisters being away at school and has kept up amazingly with her routine. 

All three girls have been so spoiled in the last six weeks but I would have to include Dan and I as well. Dan took each set  around town sight seeing, we all strolled the beaches at sunset, we watched television shows that we never ever watched and joked around and laughed with each other til the wee hours every night–I’d say we created some fond memories these past 6 six weeks. 

Our family chipped in and helped us tremendously in a time of need without any hesitation. We are so grateful and so blessed to be surrounded by such love. I’ve heard it said that it takes a village to raise a kid and I truly can attest to that–thank you All so much! We couldn’t have gotten through any of this without you.💗

Easter Hat Parade

img_1022 Our preschooler, Alaina, had to make a creative Easter hat for her school’s parade. We had a lot of fun being silly (which is totally her personality) and making memories as we came up with a fun idea while still adding in the message of Easter:  He is Risen!


So we found this cute/frilly basket at Walmart and our creative juices started to flow! I flipped that upside down and boom–already a cute hat.






                                                           Here is Alaina adding green grass for her “nest.”
Under the nest I swirled some hot glue so the “nest”
would stay in place.


Carefully placing the eggs after hot gluing them onto the nest.


Glued the rubber ducky on



View from the back


Alaina sporting her hat! 

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